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Weekly Torah Sabbath Teaching

Oct 7, 2017

 Feast of Sukkot, AKA, Tabernacles, Booths, Shelters....Wiith Ross Nichols For many years, I have studied the ancient triennial cycle of readings. I have recently revised a file that I assembled years back based upon the research of Jacob Mann. The chart contains the Torah and Prophet readings of a triennial cycle based upon 7 lists. These are indicated in the columns at the top. You will notice that not all lists agree. The left side represents the Torah portions according to the lists. The right side provides the associated prophet readings. An example of how to read the chart is called for. On the first page you will see Genesis 1:1. I indicated a 1 in the columns of all lists. This obviously means that all of our lists start here. Following the row, you will notice that Isaiah 65:17 was associated with this first Torah reading in 3 lists. Now back to the Torah side of the chart. Scroll down to Genesis 8:1. Only 4 of the 7 lists counted this as a separate reading. I hope this helps. I am deep into a research / writing project and needed this verified and updated. Since I was doing it anyway, I decided to share.